What are the main activities of ‘Spaces of Culture’?
‘Spaces of Culture’ provides spaces and resources for the realization of cultural projects, as well as for discussion, training, and development opportunities for local institutions, cultural professionals, and community members. During the year, activities include an Open Call for Project Funding, a Mobility Program, Cultural Management Training Program, Showcases, and the program Cultural Encounters.

Where is ‘Spaces of Culture’ active?
The activities of ‘Spaces of Culture’ focus on Diyarbakır, İzmir, and Gaziantep and their neighboring cities. Creative endeavors between Europe and Turkey often focus on Istanbul and Ankara. ‘Spaces of Culture’ sets out to promote and support activities beyond these metropolises. Izmir, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, and their neighboring cities were defined as focus regions by the steering committee.

Can I apply to ‘Spaces of Culture’ directly any time of the year for project funding?
No, ‘Spaces of Culture’ launches an open call for its Project Funding Program during the first quarter of the year. Please check our website for announcements.

Can I apply to the Open Call 2022?
You can apply if you are an active professional, or you represent institutions, initiatives, and civil society organizations in the field of culture and arts that had taken part in one of the programs of Spaces of Culture since 2017. You should have received support from Spaces of Culture programs of Project Funding, Mobility, or Cultural Management Training at least one time beforehand. Only cooperation projects with at least 2 partners from different cities can apply.

I took part in one of the projects that is supported by Spaces of Culture. Can I apply?
No. Only formal applicants of the previously realized projects and the individual participants of the listed programs within the scope of Spaces of Culture can apply.

Should my partner have received support from Spaces of Culture programs of Project Funding, Mobility, or Cultural Management Training before?
No. There is no requirement for the partners to have received any kind of support from Spaces of Culture before. New cultural actors are welcome.

Can I submit my project as an applicant and be listed as a partner in another project?
Yes, but we advise you to have one focus role –as an applicant or as a partner.

May I submit more than one project?
Yes. However, Spaces of Culture advises you to create one impactful project proposal as the higher number of applications does not increase the chances of receiving the fund.

Where should my partner implement or contribute to the project?
It depends on the project type and structure. The partner, who resides in another city than your own, can implement the part of the project in his/her city and/or contribute to the project within the city of application. Your partner may be based and operate in any city in Turkey or in one of the Spaces of Culture’s partner countries, namely Sweden, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Why do Spaces of Culture only allow applicants from its network for the Open Call 2022?
Since 2017, Spaces of Culture aims at providing space and financial support to creative practitioners in its operating cities, as well as stimulating close collaborations among them. In 2022, Spaces of Culture pursues a new approach, focusing more on mobility and training activities for its partners to allow more networking and exchange opportunities, after two years of limiting pandemic restrictions.

My project is funded by ‘Spaces of Culture’ before, and/or I have been invited to one of its programs. Can I ask for assistance from ‘Spaces of Culture’ if I am interested in international collaboration for this project?
If you have a developed concept for collaboration and are interested in partnerships with institutions, initiatives, and individuals from Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, and/or France, please consult with the Spaces of Culture City Coordinator in your region for further advice. You may find the contact information of the coordinators on the Contact page of our website.

Who is the right contact person for my question?
Please visit our Contact page here for the right person for your inquiry.

How can I stay informed about the activities of ‘Spaces of Culture’?
You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we regularly share all important updates.