We are very happy to share the list of  ‘Spaces of Culture’ projects in 2021! In response to the Open Call, 42 projects have been selected by the ‘Spaces of Culture’ Steering Committee in the fields of visual arts, cultural heritage, literature, cinema, music, contemporary art, performance, dance and theatre, as well as new media arts in Gaziantep, İzmir, Diyarbakır and their neighboring cities.

We are looking forward to an exciting year full of inspiring projects and for our partners to realize their activities successfully within the frame of  ‘Spaces of Culture’.

We wish the best of luck and congratulations to the 42 projects!


·      Lütfü İrdem / Serdar Darendeliler – Interchange/Exchange
·      AmîdArt Culture and Art Initiative – City’s Voice As An Example of Intangible Cultural Heritage
·      Merkezkaç Art Collective – Living Space Living Exhibition
·      Metal Collective – Endless Spring
·      A. Serra Bucak / Ruken Ergüneş Özdemir – Radio Woman
·      Lîs Publishing – Translation Island
·      Mordem Art and Ecological Life Association – SoloFest: Narrative Tradition From Past to Present
·      Bat Art Lab – Repairing the Future I: Food Commons
·      Mend Atelier – Mobile Music School
·      A4 Open Art Space – Open Workshop Artist Program


·      13 Squaremeters Art Center – On the Record
·      Mardin Artuklu University, Center of Application and Research on Architectural Technology – Şlomo: After the Migrants
·      Mardin Culture Association – One Voice One Story 2


·      New Cinema Collective – From Writing to Screen

Gaziantep :

·      Emre Burhan – Words and Things
·      Muna Aboud – Omar Alsalamh – Female Friends
·      Selami Şavkyıldız / Nuray Tuncay Kara Arts and Science Center – Colour the City/ Street Art Fest
·      Ziya Hattat – One Civilization
·      Serkan Aksak – Antep Short Film Festival
·      Navdar – Dance for Everyone
·      Reem Takriti – Lullabies Before Sleep
·      Hasan Ergün / Gazisehir Culture And Art Assosiation – Gazisehir Theater Festival
·      Lane Theater  – Colored Shadows
·      Muhammed Elkasim Elabraş-  Abdulselam Cerrud  – Kamishibai for the Planet
·      Aslı Gökgöz – Collective Story
·      Bshr Zaiter – Flu-Rhythms Unite Records


·      Atilla Gökçek – Underwater Memory


·      Emel Duman – Silk of Peace


·      Association of Darağaç Collective – Darağaç_Touch
·      Azadeh Ramezani Tabrizi – Balconnection
·      UR Collective- Book of Responses
·      Digital Film Atelier – International 2 Sides Short Film Festival
·      Yellow Submarine Art Initiative- When Nothing Happens
·      Ceren Bulut Yumrukaya- Book Exhibitions: Artist Books
·      Nesin Villages– Çek Yat / Filmmaking Marathon
·      Yıldız Etikan – Strong Steps
·      Yaren Cooperative – Same in the Mirror
·      NomadMind – “with design”
·      Hazal Öztetikler – Barbaros Village Water Culture Heritage


·      Azize Tan – Başka Cinema Ayvalık Film Festival
·      Karagöz Art House – The Fish is Playing in the Water

Manisa and İzmir:

·      Tamer Ersoy- Mahal Aura