Capacity Building in The Arts II


Capacity Building, Training

Turkey, İstanbul

23/09 – 29/09/2019

Spaces of Culture’s second annual Capacity Building program, realized with IKSV, focuses on fundamental concepts in cultural management. During the week of 23 September, 20 Spaces of Culture project grantees and potential partners from Izmir, Gaziantep and Diyarbakir came together and discussed topics from Cultural Policy and Content Development to Sustainability and Fundraising with European and Turkish keynote speakers from the field of arts and culture at IKSV’s Alt Kat: Learning and Interaction Space in Istanbul. Designed to coincide with the 16th Istanbul Biennale, ‘The Seventh Continent’, the program enabled the participants to join and connect over presentations, exhibition tours, site visits, networking events, and thought-provoking talks in Beyoğlu, Kadiköy, and Büyükada, thus offering a platform for art professionals to share thoughts and exchange ideas. For the first time, Spaces of Culture joined forces with the Embassy of the Netherlands’ ongoing ‘Connections’ project, taking the Spaces of Culture network one step further and facilitating new connections with a broader network of actors in Turkey’s and Europe’s arts and culture scene.

Participants as follows:

Izmir: Esin İlmen / Büyük Siyah Kapı, Melike Korkmaz / Independent, Hicran Çalı / Tarla Faresi Theatre, Azadeh Ramezani Tabrizi Savaşkan / Balconnection, Ezgi Serim / Festival in the Village, Onur Aysoy / Aegean Art Atelier, Görkem Kiter / Birikim Atelier

Gaziantep: Kamal Oghly / Photographer, Ebru Bingöl / Researcher, Mustafa Karali / Photographer, Mustafa Çirkin / Musician

Diyarbakır: Gökhan Özdemir / Batman Culture and Art Association, Ruken Ergüneş Özdemir / Rosa Women Association,  Hazni Demir / Mesopotamia Jazz Music and Dance Culture Association, Canan Budak / 13 Squaremeters Art Collective, Barış Işık / Mordem Art and Ecological Life Association, Süleyman Aziz Tilki / A4 Open Art Space