Capacity Building in The Arts


Capacity Building, Conference & Panel, Training

Turkey, İstanbul

07/10 – 14/10/2018

Coming together under the banner of the ‘Capacity Building in The Arts Program,’ culture professionals have the chance not only to share the difficulties they have encountered over the course of their careers, but to take part in an entirely new and collective experience as well. As part of the event, supported by Goethe Institut and in cooperation with the Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts (IKSV), artists and professionals in the field meet in Istanbul. Operating in the project’s themed-parallel to the Fourth Istanbul Design Biennial, which itself runs under the conceptual framework of ‘A School of Schools,’ IKSV turns into a school for a week. Creating an organic platform for networking, the focus of the event is to embrace cultural policy and management, financial management, and communication by filtering them through the lenses of programming, production, and evaluation. Featuring presentations, case studies, workshops and field visits, the project enables participants to explore the new industry of culture.

Participants as follows:

Izmir: Sarp Keskiner / 6x6x6 İzmir, Ali Kemal Ertem / K2 Contemporary Art Center, Nesli Özalp Tuncer / Independent, Nursaç Sargon / Monitor, Özgür Aydek / Globlokal, Derya Efe Uluca / Theatre 4, Sinan Kılıç / Mahzen Photos

Gaziantep: Ibrahim Moslmani / Home of All Homs, Ayşegül Ateş Tarla / Kırkayak Culture Center, Sohieb Alhamwi / Andalus Media, Yammen Jazbeh / Kanoun without Limits, Atta Akil / Ajami Handicraft

Diyarbakır: Berfin Emektar / Amed City Theatre, Kemal Işık / TangoMed Dance and Art Center, Mikail Bülbül / Mesopotamia Foundation, Murat Aygün / Amidart Culture and Art Initiative, Şerko Kaniwar / Ma Music Center, Nurhak Yılmaz / First Children Association, Hüseyin İzgi / Colourful Hopes Association