Cultural Encounters 2021

A Corner in the World

Cultural Encounters, Conference & Panel

Turkey, İstanbul

27/11 – 28/11/2021

The conference program Cultural Encounters took place for the 4th time under the title “‘On the Notion of Impact in the Cultural Context” at Beykoz Kundura’s new venue, Kundura Sahne between 27-28 November. Organized in collaboration with the curator collective A Corner in the World, the program responded to the need for a multidisciplinary theoretical and empirical debate that elucidates the more social and intangible aspects of the role and impact of arts and culture in Turkey. Over 30 invited project partners of Spaces of Culture from İzmir, Gaziantep, Diyarbakır, and their neighbouring cities met with experts from the cultural field from Istanbul for panel discussions and talks.

As the pandemic and the subsequent changes in social life provided a possibility for evaluating previous practices in a new light, arts and culture actors reexamined how cultural practices and activities can have a positive impact on the life of individuals and wider communities. During the program, fundamental questions on methods and practical approaches to creating sustainable impact in the cultural scene were discussed. In five sessions, participants delved into the various aspects of the concept of impact; starting with the opening panel, “On the Notion of Impact in the Cultural Context”, by Assoc. Prof. Gökçe Dervişoğlu Okandan, Assoc. Prof. Dicle Yurdakul, and Buğra Çelik, and followed by ”How We Organize for Impact’’, “Impact on the Living: Arts and Ecology on Localities”, “Creating Impact through Individual and Collective Memory’’, ‘’Engaging Communities for Impact’’. The sessions were also live-streamed on Spaces of Culture’s YouTube channel, attracting an audience of +300.

The participants also visited an exhibition, Memory of Kundura: The World Within a Factory, by the program host Beykoz Kundura, who attended a workshop delivered by Atılım Şahin and a networking event for gathering with professional cultural actors.

Participants: Monica Papi, Özgül Kılınçarslan, Ezgi Ceren Kayırıcı, Dilara Savut, Serdar Darendeliler, Seçkin Arslan, Gülcan Kılıç, Hediye Yaşar, Beyaz Emektar, Mehmet Ali Boran, Hasan Ergün, Bshr Zauter, Navdar, Murad Uçaner, Reem Takriti, Ayşegül Kurtel, Barış Işık, Serkan Aksak, Ceren Yartan, Seçkin Aydın, Ebru Bingöl, Hazal Öztetikler, Günseli Baki, Nihat Özdal, Lale Karataş, Fulya Baran, Azadeh Ramezani Tabrizi, Serra Bucak, Aslı Gökgöz