Cultural Management Training Programme – Diyarbakır 2022

A Corner in the World

Capacity Building, Training

Turkey, Batman, Diyarbakır, Mardin

27/05 – 29/05/2022

The second edition of the Spaces of Culture’s Cultural Management Training Programme was organized in collaboration with A Corner in the World between 27 – 29 May, inviting 15 participants from Diyarbakır, Mardin, and Batman. The program was hosted by Mordem Arts and Ecological Center, centering on fundamental topics of cultural management practices with a regional focus.

Offering capacity-building training for cultural and artistic practitioners coming from different backgrounds, the program included the following talks and interactive sessions: Site of Memory by Nayat Karaköse from Hrant Dink Foundation, Arts and Culture in the times of Change by Aylin Vartanyan from Boğaziçi University, Creative Research Methodology by independent performing artist Onur Karaoğlu, Creative Event Design by Murat Sezgi from 3dots, Melih Görgün from Sinopale, Participatory Creative Design Tools by Özge Subaşı, and Creative Funding and Finding Resources by Jean-Luc Soule from Festival of Périgord Noir.

While attending lectures and presentations, participants also got together in group discussions exchanging perspectives on who has access to the cultural field and production and how power dynamics affect cultural institutions’ activities under the supervision of facilitator Altuğ Akın. Throughout the three-day program, topics such as safe spaces for women, children psychology, memory, urban city, identity, documentary, project development, and politics with respect to artistic and cultural practices were tackled.