Cultural Management Training Programme – İzmir 2022

A Corner in the World

Capacity Building, Training

Turkey, İzmir

13/05 – 15/05/2022

This year, ‘Spaces of Culture’s Cultural Management Training Program was organized in collaboration with A Corner in the World in the project cities in order to concentrate on fundamental topics of cultural management, combining these with a specific regional focus. The first edition took place between May 13-15, inviting 15 participants from and around İzmir.

Participants gathered at the Portuguese Synagogue in Kemeraltı to delve into the current discussions about cultural management, examining global and local examples, while getting inspiration from the foreign and local lecturers’ presentations throughout the three-day program. Along with the talks, cultural and artistic actors also participated in workshops to develop ideas for possible collaborations, exchange knowledge, and further discuss cultural management tools. The discussion was moderated by Ceylan Uşaki Erali.

The basic premise of the program was to create a room where cultural actors in and around İzmir can strengthen their skills and expertise on the topics of community building, digitalization, communication, creative industries, fundraising, and urban culture and art. The interactive sessions were specifically designed for the program, aiming to practice collective design thinking methodologies.