Intercultural Flow II

Mobility Program, International Mobility

Germany, Sweden, Berlin

11/06 – 31/10/2019

An integral part of Spaces of Culture is its Mobility Program which sends artists and art professionals from İzmir, Diyarbakır and Gaziantep to Europe for intensive cross-cultural exchanges. In this year’s tailor-made Stockholm visit, grantees share experience and information with small- and medium-scale independent art collectives and art spaces; attend training seminars and workshops; and consult with experts in specific cultural areas. Accordingly, participants learn about alternative approaches and gain insight into ways to improve their own initiatives/institutions, expand their network and discover potential areas of collaboration. Areas of particular importance this year include contemporary visual and performing arts relating to issues ranging from identity, migration and social cohesion to urban memory studies, urban transformation and cultural diversity.

Phase one of this year’s Mobility Program took place in Berlin 11–16 June. Phase two, realized with our Swedish partners, begins in October.

Participants as follows:

Izmir: Nesrin Uçarlar Şenocak / Tiyatro Medresesi International Center for Body Arts and Studies, Özgür Aydek / Globlokal, Nursaç Sargon Demirci / Monitor, Gökçe Süvari Kantürk / Karantina

Gaziantep: Hatice Yıldız Levent / Nar Association for Culture and Arts, Ibrahim Muslimani / Nefes art and culture institution
Serkan Aksak / Filmmaker, Ibrahim Yılmaz / Bir Başka Tiyatro, Mehmet Akif Kanar / Designer

Diyarbakır: Fatma Çelik / NarPhotos Collective, Rıdvan Kuday / A4 Open Art Space, Mehmet Ali Boran / Mişart Art İnitiative, Berfin Emektar / Amed City Theatre, Uğur Orhan / Merkezkac Art Collective