Mobility Programme Antalya

58th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Mobility Program, National Mobility

Turkey, Antalya

02/10 – 10/10/2021

Spaces of Culture’s first Mobility Program in collaboration with the 58th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival took place during 2-10 October. As the physical distance makes it even more essential to create strong networks nowadays, speakers and participants of the program came together in physical and online sessions to further strengthen their ties with discussions and knowledge exchange sessions on cinema and filmmaking.

In the program, a total of 15 participants from Gaziantep, Diyarbakır, Izmir, and other neighboring cities are selected to participate in lectures and meet artists and industry professionals. During the program week, participants attended film screenings along with the online classes.

Besides joint events by the Golden Orange Film School and Antalya Film Forum, Tuba Ay gave a lecture on the use of color in cinema, Şahan Yatarkalkmaz introduced film analysis, and German director Martina Priessner talked about documentary filmmaking. The networking event on 8 October brought participants together with documentary and short film professionals in order to delve into sectoral details and filmmaking practices in depth.

Participants as follows:

İzmir: Kağan Uluca / International Two Sides Short Films Festival, Yusuf Saygı / Izmir Cinema Culture and Education Association, Gülten Taranç / Women Directors Assosiation, Tarık Zana Arslan / Independent Director, Gülçin Koçyiğit / Salt Collective

Gaziantep: Emre Burhan / Filmmaker, Soundos Jamo / Filmmaker, Servet Ozdemir / Filmmaker, Ebru Yıldızhan / Filmmaker

Diyarbakır: Sibel Öğe / Batman Culture and Art Association, Lütfü İrdem / Independent, Nurhan Öktem / Mardin Dramatic Arts Association,  Hebun Abiş / Independent, Rojhilat Aksoy / Middle East Cinema Academy Association