Mobility Program France 2022

Institut Français de Turquie

Mobility Program, International Mobility

France, Meisenthal, Metz, Paris

08/11 – 13/11/2022

The last edition of the Mobility Program 2022 was organised in collaboration with Institut Français de Turquie, which welcomed 14 participants from the project regions to France between 8-13 November. In order to experience the diverse cultural landscape of France, the program has covered three locations: Paris, Metz, and Meisenthal. The participants visited institutions, cultural venues and exhibitions, and attended talks and presentations as well as saw various performances such as circuses, contemporary musicals, and a concert. The six-day program examined cultural and artistic practices in France, considering different scales of production methodologies.

The first two days of the program took place in Paris, exploring La Villette, a public-funded cultural park offering exhibitions, rehearsal spaces for performers, and open-air installations, followed by a visit to Sevran Micro-Folie, a community centre which is established as a creative hub in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in the periphery of Paris. The participants attended presentations given by Institut Français de Paris, Cité Internationale des arts, Institute of Islamic Culture, and Ground Control, as well as a contemporary circus show by Les 7 doigts de la main. The program resumed in Metz, a city known for its performing arts productions along with street festivals and theatres, combining visits to Centre Pompidou-Metz, the community hub named l’Agora, and the cultural centre Arsenal, where the musical La Cri d’Antigone was shown. In Meisenthal, participants paid visits to Meisenthal Glass Museum and the Lalique Museum, and found the chance to experience a concert at La Halle Verrière (Glass Hall) together with audiences from surrounding cities.