Showcase 2018

Showcase, Concert, Exhibition

Turkey, İzmir

04/12 – 11/12/2018

Spaces of Culture is leaving its first year of providing support to culture and art projects in İzmir, Diyarbakir and Gaziantep and is now preparing to host two events from Diyarbakır and Gaziantep in Izmir. The exhibition ‘On Solitude and Water’ is opening at Çetin Emeç Art Gallery. The exhibition, in cooperation with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is curated by Refik Akyüz and Serdar Darendeliler featuring photographers Hüsamettin Bahçe, Serdar Bayram, Fatma Çelik, Lezgin Kâni, Aylin Kızıl ve Serpil Polat from Diyarbakir.

After the opening, Yammen Jazbeh will give a concert of his ‘Qanun without Borders’ album. He will be accompanied by the musicians Haluk Bükülmez (violin), Nevzat Solak (ney) and İbrahim Müslümani (percussion). Born and raised in the city of Alleppo in Syria, Yammen Jazbeh now trains young people in music and gives solfeggio and Qanun lessons to adults in Gaziantep.