The Future Is Now

A Corner in the World

Cultural Encounters, Conference & Panel

Turkey, İstanbul

07/12 – 08/12/2019

Spaces of Culture encourages a new generation of change-makers to imagine perspectives for a better future and realize projects to this end by supporting a diverse range of activities and organizations. At a moment of profound changes, the capacity of collaboration within the fields of arts and culture and across disciplines can encourage transformation, positive action and co-creation of our collective future. Featuring exemplary projects supported by Spaces of Culture in Izmir, Diyarbakır, Gaziantep and beyond, Cultural Encounters program, titled ‘The Future Is Now: Constructing and Reconstructing Cultural Practices in Turkey’ meditates on perspectives and experiences of cultural actors to facilitate an inspiring discussion with a focus on the contemporary issues of urban transformation, heritage and access to arts and culture in local and global contexts.

Through a calibration of creative meeting methods and thought-provoking discussions, showcasing exemplary artworks and talks and working sessions, it aims to provide a free space for the actors to exchange knowledge and experiences. In this perspective, the Cultural Encounters program is designed as a playful, engaging and constructive event that brings together a variety of culture and art professionals together at the new premises of ARTER, a modern and contemporary art museum and a cultural center in Istanbul. Target groups of the Cultural Encounters Program encompass cultural and art organizations, civil initiatives, researchers and non-governmental organizations, academicians, local and public authorities, national and international press.

Participants: Katılımcılar: Saliha Yavuz, Sarp Keskiner, Cenkhan Aksoy, Cenk H. Dereli, Derya Efe Uluca, Devrim Kınlı, Rıdvan Kuday, Remzi Sever, Murat Aygün, Mesut Gever, Neşet Güçmen, İbrahim Bayat, Eda Tapancı, Devrim Demir, Serkan Taycan, Abdulwahab Alali , Mehmet Akif Kanar, Rawan Magarbeh, Muhammed Ayman Jesry, Ömer Kılıç