25/05 – 26/12/2019

6x6x6 calls on the cultural actors and artists working in Izmir to connect with the structures they invited from Berlin, Ankara and Diyarbakır within the scope of ‘3 + 3’ project. Guest initiatives and local participants will concentrate on the relationship between the narratives with the urban and social memory, the documentation of social memory, migration and cultural diversity, and the relationship between narrative in mother tongue with space and music while prioritizing collective creation, mutual sharing, as well as sustainable networking.

The program designed with Amidart in Diyarbakır includes concerts and storytelling events, presentations and roundtables. Bi’bak initiative from Berlin visits KARANTİNA for a four-day research workshop in which  the participants will carry out a model study on the development of research-oriented art projects within the framework of “İzmir as a port city”. A sustainable communication network is aimed to be established through the events hosted by Kova Art Space, Suimasen Editions, Partition Media Lab, Ka Photo Development Workshop and UrbanObscura in Ankara.