A hymn to those that disappear




28/09 – 13/10/2019

Monitor welcomes the new season with the ‘A hymn to those that disappear’ exhibition. The cooperation of Pelin Tan and Anton Vidokle meets with Ali Cherri’s work in this exhibition. The exhibition opens its doors with a conversation with Pelin Tan and Deniz Güner on September 28th in a venue that was used as a cinema and printing house in Buca in the past.

In his work “The Digger”, that is based on a necropolis from Neolithic Age in Sharjah Desert, artist Ali Cherri, born in Lebanon, examines the relationship of archeology with colonialism and capitalism. Sultan Zeib Khan, who has been the protector of the necropolis for more than twenty years, has a role in the work among the huge rocky place that surrounds the necropolis. The absence of those who lived there once, discloses an emptiness that is more disruptive than the existence of the necropolis.

Pelin Tan and Anton Vidokle’s joint work “The Fall of The Artsits’ Republic” presents a way of government that allows such freedom as an example of an aesthetic state where the act of “realizing” society can be possible. Neither a state of power nor a state of ethics could realize that. Then, why has this way of government that provides ideal socialization for humanity, collapsed?

‘A hymn to those that disappear’, which questions the relationship between the state, society and arts basing on examples presenting transforming what belongs to life into arts and transforming the whole life into arts, can be visited in Buca until October 13th.