Art Wins

Selami Şavklıyıldız

Street Art, Visual Arts


01/07 – 05/11/2020

Selami Şavklıyıldız attempts to change Gaziantep’s artistic city scene by erasing hate speech and discriminatory expressions on the city’s walls with mural paintings within the project ‘Art Wins’. Students aged between nine to twelve years, together with students from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Gaziantep University and the artists ‘Case Classico’ (Muhammed Soydaş) and ‘Chek Sparow’ (Hasan Alveroğlu) meet for a street art workshop and mural event with Merve Hilal Demirkan, a teacher at ‘Nuray Tuncay Kara Science and Art Centre’.

Participants paint a mural reflecting Gaziantep’s cuisine on a wall in a visible part of the city, and the wall turns into an artistic element. The project is also a source of motivation for a new generation of artists to engage themselves in the local context. Within the scope of the event, students become part of creating a work that contributes to the society they live in while learning about the technics and history of street art.