Contemporary Art in the Neighborhood

Darağaç İzmir

Exhibition, Training


18/05 – 20/11/2019

Umurbey neighborhood, where contemporary artists’ studios are situated, hosts several art and cultural events. Darağaç_İzmir artist collective, which stands out with the close relationship they have established with the neighborhood residents, adds value to the district’s cultural atmosphere. With the support of Spaces of Culture, the projects set an example of social transformation through art. Fifteen children living in Umurbey come together at the drawing workshop held within the frame of  Darağaç_School’s ‘Children Meetings’ project. The children develop their communication and expression skills by creating together. Darağaç_Talk hosts artist and academician Dr. Emre Zeytinoğlu and writer Orhan Berent for discussions regarding the theme ‘Neighborhoods and the Art-Culture Relationship.’ Darağaç_Volta’s ‘The Subject Is Street Art’ kicks into action with the guests and the residents touring Darağaç and the surrounding area. Reinterpreting the streets are Ankara’s IN! and KAPTAN, Diyarbakır’s PİON, Istanbul’s CANAVAR and GÖKSU GÜL, Izmir’s Ali Kanal and Cem Sonel, Tabriz’s FRZ as well as Sual İlyus and PAPYX from Izmir and ADA from Tehran. The performances of the invited street artists can be seen around the neighborhood in the evenings.