Equinox Diaries

K2 Contemporary Arts Center


23/09 – 06/10/2018

When nature wakes up to a new season, she brings along many changes in her wake. ‘Equinox Diaries,’ in cooperation with K2 Contemporary Arts Center, invites everyone to celebrate these changes at K2 Urla Breathing Zone (K2UBZ). An artist residence has been specially designed for K2UBZ as the focus of PORTIZMIR4, the fourth International Izmir Contemporary Art Triennial. The project embraces the idea of reuniting with nature and acting under its guidance. As the project space is surrounded by forest, the environment helps create an atmosphere in which the artists produce and live alongside an ecosystem while fostering an aura of communal living where all aspects of human needs are heeded.

‘Equinox Diaries-Autumn 2018’ kicks off with a celestially-minded project by Emel Kayın, Cansu Ergin and Sami Hosseini, entitled ‘Space Stories and the Equinox of the Body.’ Audiences can also enjoy celebrating the equinox with concerts by Sam Karpienia, Şinadika, Jan Mittendorp and Buca Blues Trio, all of which are set outdoors as part of the ‘Sivavox ’08’ project. What’s more, local architecture and design students have the chance to collaborate with architects Michael E. Young and David Scognamiglio, adding a fresh and youthful touch to K2UBZ through ‘Site+Light,’ a temporary spatial installation. The work aims to create a ‘natural temporary installation’ compatible with this unique and inventive ecologic arts space.