Flu Rhymez Unit Records

Flu Rhymez Studio



01/07 – 30/10/2021

Flu Rhymez Studio’s incubation program offers a new space for contemporary musical production, especially HipHop,  and exchange in Gaziantep.  Six independent artists from Gaziantep are rehearsing and recording in the new studio space under the guidance of the Flu Rhymez producers’ expertise. Video clips for a solo of each artist are recorded and edited into a final video. The audio and video productions of these artists cover a wide variety of music colors, cultures, and languages. Additionally, the producer and team members are also recording their albums and represent the diverse musical identity of Flu Rhymez Records.

Bshr Zaiter is the head producer and acoustic engineer of the studio, Amjad AL-Qassoum supports video creation and visuals, and Abdullah El Mustafa is responsible for public relations management. Other collaborators of the project are Jan Nabash as a producer and Hip-Hop artist, Said Daher as a composer and a performer while Siwar Andlosi, Aya Abdallah, Ahmed El Cumaa, Muhammed Alikaj, Khaled Mallouhi ve Ali Muhamed are the independent artists and performers joining the incubation program.