Gadje in The Neighborhood




06/08 – 31/10/2018

Gadje in The Neighborhood,’ a documentary that tells the story of the residents of the Tenekeli neighborhood in Izmir, is poised to meet audiences. The film, which details the Gypsy community’s struggle to integrate with the local culture while maintaining its own, distinct heritage, aims to address and reduce prejudice against the community while bringing a new, productive perspective to the fore. The shooting for the documentary, which took five years to complete, shines a reflexive light on how directors Nesli Özalp Tuncer and Yunus Tuncer have made strides in breaking down their own biases in the cultural sphere.

In addition to making the film, the directors implemented a photography workshop and gave cameras to ten mother-daughter pairs for a period of two weeks, training them in basic photography techniques so that they might better document their lives through their own literal lenses.

Both the film and the photography exhibition premiere on 27 October. The directors and photography workshop participants are to be in attendance, and the refreshingly candid exhibition runs until 31 October.