Performance, Visual Arts

Concert, Exhibition


15/09 – 30/09/2018

Art lovers in Izmir are wrapping the summer season this September with an exhibition entitled ‘Destruction,’ alongside a performance by the talented İpek İpekçioğlu and Hakan Vreskala as part of the GLOBLOKAL Project. The exhibition, presented in cooperation with Lokall Izmir, focuses on urban transformation and features nine different artists whose work has been published on the cover of the Lokall Izmir City Guide. Taking place with the participation of three guest artists, the exhibition invites audiences to think about the destruction of the city’s memory. Through the artists’ multidisciplinary style, the exhibition, curated by Ali Kemal Ertem and Cenkhan Aksoy, draws attention to the degradation of the city’s culture, its iconic buildings, and consequently, its history. The exhibition, which can be visited until September 30, gives audiences the chance to examine the city’s process of transformation. Having performed in several European cities, İpek İpekçioğlu and Hakan Vreskala continue to make their debut as a formidable musical duo in İzmir. With İpekçioğlu and Vreskala’s concert, audiences can take part in a distinctly unique musical experience on September 22 at the Çamdibi Heykel Tasarım Atölyesi ve Prototip Fabrikası.