Hack 4 Art

EBILTEM Technology Transfer Office

Exhibition, Training


15/04 – 29/12/2019

Within the scope of Spaces of Culture, Izmir Ege University Technology Transfer Office (EBİLTEM) organizes an “Art Technologies Hackathon” titled ‘Data Art: Visualization of Scientific Data, Artistic Expression of Visualized Data’. Experts are invited to conduct workshops on topics such as making sounds out of data, collection, digitization, storage and visualization, copyrights, simplicity, innovation models and artificial intelligence in arts.

The hackathon is defined as a collective activity around a mutual problem. New ideas and products are tried to be developed within a limited period of time on a given challenge. It aims to build the capacities of local entrepreneurs by developing the skills on collaboration, creativity and interaction. Artistic works produced during the hacking marathon are exhibited at the foyer of Ege University Faculty of Medicine and Muhittin Erel Amphitheater.