© Nikita Chuntomov

Katie’s Tales

Tiyatro Medresesi



28/08 – 02/09/2018

A woman, her beloved, and a homecoming. These simple elements make up the heart of Mario Biagini’s ‘Katie’s Tales,’ a garden fairytale presented as part of the IV. International Monodrama Festival. Featuring a powerful performance by Agnieszka Kazimierska, the performance tells a tale of desire, of waiting, and of return: A young woman, together with her two servants, spends her time in a garden of wonders. When someone important to her leaves after a terrible occurrence, her world is thrown into doubt. What of those who wait for others to return? Are they also on a journey? “Katie’s Tales” forces the audience to grapple with the lights and shadows of someone else’s background so that they may question their own origins and the role their consciousness plays in the stream of history.