Managing Cultural Projects with Societal Impact Workshops

Anadolu Kültür



27/07 – 29/07/2018

Anadolu Kültür has arranged a set of workshops in Gaziantep that provide ground-level advice and mentorship for those looking to take serious steps toward enacting local change through social and artistic programs. Taking place over the course of two phases at the Gaziantep Chamber of Architects, the Hüseyin Enç Cultural Center, and the halls of the Millenium eOfis building, the ‘Managing Cultural Projects with Societal Impact’ sessions are capacity workshops tailored to aspiring cultural managers in in the region. These trainings combine theoretical and practical aspects of managing influential cultural programs. Each stage of the workshop centers on a different part of overseeing such projects and consists of various case studies and group sessions. The first is a three-day-long training designed around the needs of micro-funding grantees in Gaziantep and is led by Aslı Şüküroğlu and Halil Öz. Running from 20-22 July, participants in this phase break down the importance of things like identifying the basic needs of a community that arise from the surrounding socio-political environment and gathering relevant information for an accurate project plan. Other aspects include focusing on the execution of planned activities, challenges in measuring their effects, and establishing the appropriate metrics to evaluate success. The second phase of the workshop, taking place from July 27-29, is aimed more at prospective cultural applicants and provides insight into the heart of initiatives that have a social impact as well as familiarizing participants from both Syria and elsewhere with the cultural context in Turkey. Crucially, participants analyze the experiences of cultural actors who are already implementing such cross-cultural projects in an eclectic and collaborative push to build and reinforce community outreach via the arts.