Outis/Universal Body

Cansu Ergin




Acquiring inspiration from the cultural heritage of Izmir, ‘Outis/Universal Body’ is staging an improvisation of contemporary dance, music, and visual arts. Inspired by the meaning of the word ‘Outis’, the idea of ‘universal body’ becomes a concrete and common channel for everyone by opening up space for artistic production. In this context, ‘Outis/Universal Body’, emphasizing the universality of body and dance, inspires production partnerships created with an innovative perspective in the performance arts.

Cansu Ergin and Ufuk Şenel are performing contemporary dance improvisations accompanied by improvised music by Norbert Stammberger, Rieko Okuda, Aleksandar Škorić from Germany and the Netherlands, and a visual performance recording by Katia Vonna Beltran from Germany. Video recordings of the improvised music performance and visual art are reinterpreted with their reflections on the walls of St. Voukolos Church and Cultural Center through the dance performances of Cansu Ergin and Ufuk Şenel. In this way, the places where artists from different countries can co-produce with local artists are extended.