© Research at Lake Meke, 2018; photo: Devrim Murat Lüküslü


Sand Storm and Then There Was Dust



14/11 – 11/12/2018

What is the meaning of sand storms that emerge in varying geographies across the world? The project ‘Sand Storm and Then There Was Dust,’ with the partnership of European, Persian and Turkish foundations, artists and researchers, gives cultural actors an opportunity to explore the causes and effects of such storms. Participants, in reaching out and talking to the people living in various cities along Euphrates and Tigris rivers, create an awareness about the effects of desertification on the area’s social structure. As part of the project, Serkan Taycan leads a workshop focusing on ecological documentation through film making while Sarah Maske and Ayat Nejafi focus on the effects of sand storms on the Mesopotamian region in their own workshop with the involvement of 25 participants from Gaziantep University and the culture center Kırkayak Kültür. A film and three-dimensional contemporary art pieces that are created on the basis of the information gained about the region will result.