Social Change and Arts

Anadolu Kültür



01/05 – 31/08/2019

Artists and cultural operators in Gaziantep come together for educational programs and meetings in order to strengthen the cultural milieu of the city and ensure the sustainability of this atmosphere. The program, initiated last year with Anadolu Kültür, aims to empower artists and support cultural events. The project’s objective is that arts and culture can encourage new ways of working together to create a more enriching, vibrant and inclusive cultural environment. ‘Social Change and Arts’ is an important example of how creative practices play an active and effective role in social issues.

The program consists of three workshops: Art and Culture for Social Change; Culture Management; and Visual Narrative Development. The Art and Culture for Social Change Workshop is designed to increase the knowledge of different aspects and methods of art, present critical approaches, develop creative perspectives, and contribute to the creation of more socially inclusive art productions. The workshop, held 26–29 April, addresses a variety of social issues such as migration, cultural encounters, collective memory and identity. The Culture Management Workshop, on 6–7 June, aims to strengthen participants’ knowledge, competence and skills to manage artistic and cultural projects. Five filmmakers and five photographers meet in Gaziantep for two days at the Visual Narrative Development Workshop in July 2019.