SoloFest: Narrative Tradition From Past To Present

Mordem Art Center


Festival, Training


30/04 – 22/11/2021

The “SoloFest: Narrative Tradition From Past To Present” focuses on the narrative tradition in order to contribute to intercultural interaction, and brings together examples of narrative culture in different disciplines in an international festival. Held for the second time this year, the event centers around village children with limited access to art, and hosts discussions, theaters, and trainings.

“SoloFest: Narrative Tradition From Past To Present” festival included 17 plays, and invited 3 speakers, 2 instructors, and observers from Azerbaijan (Baku), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Italy (Milan), Iran (Urmia, Tehran), and Turkey (Izmir, Istanbul, Batman, Diyarbakır) . 48 participants included in the programs join the contemporary dance, traditional genres of narration (Qewilbêj), performance, monodrama, and contemporary ritual shows. Plays coming to the festival in order to reach a wide audience are open to the public with shows at the Diyarbakır Urban Museum, Babel Terrace Bar, Mordem Art and 3 village schools. Within the scope of the festival held completely in physical conditions, there is also a “Puppet Making Workshop” organized in 4 village schools.