The Walking Route of the Transforming City

Gaziantep Chamber of Architects



01/09 – 22/12/2019

The project ‘The Walking Route of the Transforming City, Gaziantep’ focuses on the social and spatial transformations happening in the city in the last century years. The artist-researcher Serkan Taycan’s project, realized with the support of the Gaziantep Chamber of Architects and Spaces of Culture, aims to experience the city by walking and create a platform to discuss through planning the route of this experience. In the first stage of the project, ten artists from different disciplines come together at two workshops, which are conducted by Serkan Taycan. Then, following the transformation of Gaziantep over a hundred years, the participants draw the walking route and collect it as a guide map under the title of ‘The Transforming City Gaziantep: The Tow-Day Route from Alleben Gond to Osmanlı Village’. The project enables the participants to perceive the transformation in the city physically, which helps them to make a unique relationship with the city. The map, including the explanatory information, is published and launched at a special event.