Cultural Management Training Program 2020

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts

Capacity Building, Training

Turkey, İstanbul

27/11 – 13/12/2020

The annual ‘‘Spaces of Culture Cultural Management Training Program’’ serves to connect participants from the regions of Izmir, Gaziantep, and Diyarbakır with the cultural scene and professional landscape of arts and culture Institution in Istanbul. For the third year in a row, this crucial event for professional capacity building has been realized in close collaboration with IKSV, and in alignment with the Istanbul Design Biennial. After the worsening pandemic situation in August destroyed hopes of organizing a physical program in Istanbul, the program was transformed into an online program for the first time due to concern for our partner’s safety. 19 invited participants from the three project regions came together for six days for intensive discussions and virtual exploration of the art world under pandemic conditions at the beginning of November.

The program was carefully designed to respond to crucial fields of interest for cultural actors, with sessions on cultural rights, digital development, audience building, creative funding concepts, and exploring facets of sustainability in cultural work. In addition, the programme featured digital site visits to the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial, partner institutions such as ‘Depo’ and IKSV, and online workshops on project management. Guest speakers from the European partner countries Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Germany added to the international perspective. Participants had the opportunity to digitally visit all partner institutions, and inform themselves about the work of the project partners behind ‘Spaces of Culture’. An overarching topic was the adaptation of cultural activities to pandemic mode, including online communication and fundraising. Despite the challenging conditions, participants, partners, and speakers were able to engage in discussions and exchange professional knowledge and filled the online program with life.

Participants as follows:

Izmir: Ebru Atilla / Theatre Nienor, Tahsin İşbilen / Association of Film and TV Producers in İzmir, Irmak Berberoğlu / Social Good Association, Murat Kurt / İzmir Education Cooperative, Arzu Üzer / Yaren Cooperative, Emrah Demirel / Studio Frekans, Mert Çakır / Independent

Gaziantep: Rami Magharbeh / Douzan for Culture and Arts, Nadra Kazmouz / Filmmaker, Ali Sultan / Nefes for Culture and Arts, Eyad Babtji / Searching Traces, Hilal Sevlü / The birds, Deniz Özgür Özdemir / The city who lost its memory Antep, Sundous Jamo / Filmmaker

Diyarbakır: Nesibe Güneyli / Women Culture, Art, Literature Academy, Gülesra Güllü / Independent, Adar Bozaner / Mend Atelier, Ateş Alpar / Mişart Art İnitiative, Cevahir Düzgün Sadak / First Children Association