3rd Antep Short Film Festival

big bang ve berisi




11/11 – 13/11/2022

In its third edition, the ‘Antep Short Film Festival’ continues its efforts to advance short film production in Gaziantep and the neighbouring cities to build an audience of short film enthusiasts and creators. Starting as Short Film Days in 2020, the project continues as a festival featuring workshops, talks, and film screenings. In response to the feedback and emerging demands on short film production training, the three-day program offers workshops on writing, directing, screenwriting and production. In order to grow its outreach, the project recruited trainees with an open call in July and August, and was holding online workshops to produce short films to be subsequently presented on the festival screen.

The festival included short film producers in the festival program with the theme of “Come and give us a voice”, while the National Short Film Competition presented the best short film awards in fiction and documentary categories. In 2022, ‘The 3rd Antep Short Film Festival’ is organised in collaboration with Film Ada Production.