Antep Short Film Festival

big bang ve berisi

Film Festival


19/11 – 21/11/2021

The “Antep Short Film Festival” has the aim of improving the environment for producing short films in Gaziantep and bringing the productions together with the short film audience. Organized as the “Antep Short Film Days” last year, the festival offers a selection of 40 short films. This year’s call of the festival was ‘Come! Give Out A Sound!’, and it hosts a jury consisting of actress Ceren Moray, director Ceylan Özgün Özçelik, producer Armağan Lale and academic – cinema writer Fırat Sayıcı, who review nearly 250 productions to vote on the awards for best  short film in fiction and documentary categories. Beside promotional videos focusing on short film production, there are also discussions held with film directors and jury members in the festival. Following the events, there are acquaintance and network meetings organized where short film enthusiasts come together, in order to provide the continuance of short film production in the city.

Organized by ‘big bang ve berisi’, the festival is realized with the contribution of two press sponsors, namely, Film Hafızası and Popüler Sinema.