3rd Gazişehir Theater Festival




24/10 – 30/10/2022

In its third edition, Gazişehir Theater Festival introduces alternative stage plays to Gaziantep by establishing collaborations in various cities and bringing actors and theatre audiences to the region. With “Together Possible” as its motto, the festival nourishes the concept of networking in an international scope, inviting theatre companies from Istanbul, the Netherlands, and fostering local cooperation through workshops and plays where the performance arts and theatre staging are addressed. Mezrab Theater from Amsterdam, an Iranian and Dutch theatre group working on storytelling, performs on the last day of the festival with a workshop and a play on these two cultures, while Kadıköy Boa Sahne from Istanbul delivers a talk, a workshop, and a stage play during the program.

Maltepe University from Istanbul provides organisational support to the program, while undergraduate and graduate students, and professors hold workshops, performances, and talks for both children and adults. Under the moderation of Maltepe University Head of Performing Arts Department, Assoc. Dr. Zerrin Yanıkkaya; Assoc. Dr. Süreyya Karacabey and Miran Bulut respectively deliver talks titled “Dramaturgy of Emotions” and “Digital Performance in Turkey and the World”. In addition to activities such as the Mosaic Workshop, the Game & Acting Workshop, the Improvisation Dance Workshop, the Performance Workshop, and the Enthusiastic Playgoers Workshop; conversations with actors, writers, directors, and technical staff are organised in the foyer after each play. Based on Walter Benjamin’s “Angel of History”, the festival stages the performance called “Angelus” throughout the season.

The festival includes the plays ”Prima Facie” (At First Glance) by Tiyatro Eksi On Altı, ”Delibo” by Kuzgun Production, ”I’m Not Happy But I’m Not Dead Inside” by Kadıköy Boa Sahne, ”What is going to happen to Yusuf Umut?” by Tiyatro Hemhâl, ”do,laş,mak” by Eylem Ejder, ”We” by Biz Platform, “Recent History of Anger” by Tiyatro Gülgeç, ”The House of Stories” by Soula Notos, and ”Foxes and Wicked Dogs” by Tiyatro Yan Etki.