9th Çanakkale Biennial

Contemporary Art, Visual Arts




The 9th edition of the Çanakkale Biennial, which will be organized by CABININ in autumn 2024, aims to position Çanakkale as a unique space in the Euro-Asian and Mediterranean-Black Sea contemporary art and culture ecosystem. The conceptual frameworks created combine the cultural, historical and social values specific to the city of Çanakkale with the intersection of current issues on a global scale. By inviting artists and art experts from different parts of the world to this context, conditions are created for new productions and collaborations.

As part of the 9th Çanakkale Biennial, which will open its doors on 4 October, Deniz Erbaş, co-director of the biennial, will develop a curatorial collaboration with Ulrika Flink (Sweden) with the support of Space’s of Culture International Co-Production Fund. Flink will realize a public art project with international artists for the Korfmann Library.