Ancient Tales


Festival, Workshop


01/09 – 21/10/2018

Reflecting the events, suffering, happiness of a period, the tales create a historical link, build a bridge between the audience and the teller. ‘Old Tales and Storytelling’ project, carried out in cooperation with Amîdart, strengthen this link with its opulent program related to tales and storytelling. With six day-long meetings carried out as part of the project, the participants not only gain information on from storytelling, to the concept of ‘dengbêj’, from public storytelling as a teller, extemporarily storytelling to using body and voice, therapy through tales, methods of storytelling, but also have the chance to explore the tales in different cultures in the city. At the end of the project, in Tales Festival they meet the audience with their performance they present either in their mother tongue or a second language in several places in Diyarbakır.