Musical for Children: Pîre û Rovî




27/04 – 24/11/2019

First Children Association
27/04/2019 – 24/11/2019

First Children Association organizes a 10-day fairy tale workshop with the participation of 15 children and 2 moderators, in which 10 different stories will be told using the animation method in Diyarbakır. At the end of the events, it is planned to stage the fairy tale ‘’Pîrê û Rovî’’ musical, which is about the story of an old grandmother and a fox. Selected by children, ‘’Pîrê û Rovî’’ will be performed after intensive rehearsals with the participation of actors from the Amed City Theatre and musicians from the Ma Music Center.

The Pîrê û Rovî musical will be staged in two Kurdish dialects, Kurmancî and Kirmanckî,  will meet the audience for the first time at the Sur Children’s Festival on June 9, 2019. With a total of 22 events within 19 in Kurmanci and 3 in Kirmanckî, the musical aims to transform the musical into an entertaining activity for children during the performances in city centers of Diyarbakır and Batman as well as in the villages. The play will continue to meet with children in the 2020 screening schedule of the Amed City Theatre.