© Veronica Croccia

And the People are Singing

Tiyatro Medresesi



28/08 – 02/09/2018

An eye-opening experience of a world which no longer exists, Felicita Marcelli treats audiences to her solo performance, ‘E Il Popolo Canta. Recital’ (‘And the People are Singing. Recital’) as a part of the IV. International Monodrama Festival. The performance, the heart of which belongs to a now nearly forgotten oral tradition of music, recounts the story of a world which is being eroded by the values of consumerism. More than a mere show, Marcelli’s art is helping to inspire a resurgence of a vocal world within which one may find a humane respite, if only for a brief moment. By reminding audiences of such a place, Marcelli evokes memories regarding what it means to be a ‘man and woman, which has historically been presented in various ways in Italy.’ The introspective performance takes place at the Tiyatro Medresesi on 31 August.