Mahal Aura

Tamer Ersoy


Concert, Training

İzmir, Manisa

01/08 – 23/10/2021

‘’Mahal Aura’’ focuses on two local cultural areas that have turned into micro-cultural memory spaces over time. The project presents the atelier of the late architect Ahmet Bilgin in the Güzelyalı district of İzmir, as well as of the carpenter Tokdil Musa Ersoy in the Kavaklıdere town of Manisa, both serving as hosting spaces for sculptures, toys, instrument making and painting production, as well as production areas for visual artists and musicians. The project is exploring how the specific historical aura of the space can inspire artistic production processes. Curated by Rahmi Öğdül, the exhibition, featuring artists from various disciplines, includes works by Adem Toprak, Berna Dolmacı, Hanife Buğurcu, İlyas Hayta, Kemal Begtaş, Tamer Ersoy, Tamer Ersoy, Tayfun Bilgin, Volkan İncüvez, and Zekiye Buğurcu, who is also the art director of the exhibition.

”Mahal Aura” is realized with the support of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Gallery A, and K2 Contemporary Art Center.