GA Community & Culture Center

Visual Arts



01/06 – 30/11/2020

‘Atelier’, a project of ‘GA Community and Culture Center’, is shaped around the idea of the feasibility of multicultural works. Four international artists living in France, Germany, and Sweden meet with local and migrant young artists from Gaziantep via online workshops. An online exhibition is organized to showcase the artworks produced during the workshops. The initiator, director, and screenwriter Halit Eke aims to create a production space as well as a multicultural artist network.

Selin Karli from Germany organizes a creative production workshop on how to prepare a file and a mood board of an independent documentary film from a creative producer’s perspective. Louise Waite from Sweden conducts a sculpture workshop on interactive installations. Anaïs Girard-Blanc from France reflects on the historical development and evolvement of video art and how it is different from other visual forms with a video art workshop. Journalist and video artist Stephene Auboard from France organizes an event titled ‘Video Journalism in the Context of Storytelling’ to reflect on the concepts, theories, history, tools, and methods of new media, and to share his reporting experiences with storytelling.