The Birds

Emre Burhan

Documentary, Visual Arts



06/06 – 30/11/2020

The documentary ‘The Birds’ by artist-researcher Emre Burhan contemplates the migration process through the metaphor of birds and focuses on Gaziantep’s Hacıbaba district. Realized with an interdisciplinary project team, it presents variations of immigration based on the experiences of local and Syrian bird breeders. The 50-minute documentary showcases the Hacıbaba neighborhood’s interaction with migration in a historical context and describes the multi-layered nature of migration through birds.

Through the online workshop program during which the city’s migration, experience, visual sociology, anthropology, and filmmaking processes are discussed, faculty members from different disciplines come together with ten Syrian and ten local participants. The project aims to introduce Hacıbaba to over forty thousand viewers on social media channels. The film provides an opportunity for public opinion to experience how migration can be understood from diverse perspectives.