Azadeh Ramezani Tabrizi

Visual Arts



01/06 – 30/11/2020

‘Balconnection’ uses the private-public space of balconies to create higher visibility for artworks and artists, while at the same time broadening access to art for audiences. The project is focusing on areas away from the museum centers, using balconies as art spaces. ‘Balconnection’ considers art as a public right and necessity, and is convinced of its positive impact on society. Once the consciousness is infused by art, it will generate momentum to tackle other social issues, such as improving living conditions in marginalized areas. With this vision, ‘Balconnection’ sets an example by creating a bridge between artists and societies.

The activities and locations: Sasan Rad: “and the good news is…” [Oil on canvas] Selçuk– İzmir& Sasan Rad: “what remains…” [Oil on canvas]- Selçuk– İzmir& Berna Dolmacı: “Invasion” [paper recycle/ acrylics- installation] Alsancak- İzmir& win.ju: “box-1” [Video installation]- Selçuk- İzmir/ Alsancak- İzmir & Nadan Özcan: “I know you are watching me” [Performance- Video] Diyarbakır/ Selçuk- İzmir & Sonja Thomsen (Chicago/USA) ve Thom Bridge (London/UK): “Pool (ii))” [Photo Collage- video] (Curator: Kasia Sobucka/ Arts Territory) Alsancak- İzmir/ Selçuk- İzmir & Yekateryna Grygorenko: “Silent Ceremony” [installation]- Kahramanlar- İzmir& Penka Mincheva:“Provocation on the Main Street” [Mixed media-installation]- Dabene, Karlovo, Bulgaristan& Buse Mutan:“Delusion” [installation]- Selçuk- İzmir& Berçem Gözde Ölmez, Derin Uludağ ve İlayda Tunca’nın “/ink” [installation] (Sub Collaboration)- Çanakkale& Serenay Oğuz ve Etem Şahin: “Blue flew, Pink touched, Red stopped, yellow fell, purple hugged, Green united” [Performance / video] Alsancak- İzmir/ Selçuk- İzmir& Nurseren Tor, Ayça Juana Botella Tor and Florian Virly: “Flashback” [Video Mapping]- Mersin & Greylight Projects and Pand: “Story” [art works installation] (Initiated by a conversation between: Theo Ploeg (NL), Amirali Ghasemi (IR))- Heerlen- Nederland & Kalender Meşrep: “Neighbor to Neighbor“ [Performans] Umurbey – İzmir & Murat Savaşkan: “Current Maxims” [acrylic and ink on canvas/ performance] – Selçuk – İzmir & Azadeh Ramezani Tabrizi: “mème” [installation] – Selçuk – İzmir