Factory Settings


Visual Arts



18/05 – 20/11/2020

As a production, exhibition, and event platform ‘Glob.Era’ presents online visual content featuring artists from Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara. ‘Glob.Era’ focuses on industrial archaeology and industrial heritage areas offering different perspectives on nature, environment, humankind, and urbanization. They diversify their activities with audio-visual performances, interviews, and seminar series in the field of contemporary art. ‘Glob.Era’ is sharing the creative process of the exhibition ‘Factory Settings’ with the audience and covers live and pre-recorded streams on social media as well as articles on the website in addition to the exhibition.

In addition to the artists featured in the exhibition ‘Factory Settings’: Adem Toprak, Aycan Genlik, Berna Dolmaci, Hanife Bugucu, Menekse Uslu, Murat Dogan, ‘Glob.Era’ features the works of ‘Mondual’s ‘De-Structure’; Alper Biçaklioglu and Ilyas Hayta’s ‘Fish Memory’ and ‘RE.sole’s ‘Pendulum’. ‘Glob.Era’ creation team, led by Özgür Aydek, includes Ekmel Ertan, Aycan Genlik, Ilyas Hayta and Ali Kizmaz.