Border – Virtual World

Ali Kemal Çınar

Visual Arts



01/06 – 30/11/2020

Virtual reality technologies, which are increasingly being used in recent years, are attracting more and more people in the field of artistic production. By creating a virtual environment where the audience can discover themselves through VR glasses, this medium removes the concept of a frame that we are familiar with from plastic arts, thus offering a new viewing experience in which the audience is included. This virtual reality workshop brings together those who are curious about this new medium with experts in this field, in order to experience the works produced so far and to shoot their own virtual reality films.

The participants, following the workshops led by Deniz Tortum, Emre Yeksan, and Anna Maria Aslanoğlu, work on ideas of their own and create short VR films. Exploring the theme of ‘the border’ with this new medium, the workshop opens up a new window for people interested in cinema and contemporary art in Diyarbakır and the region.