Dream of the Child, World of the Woman

First Children Association

Visual Arts



10/09 – 10/12/2020

‘Nefel Women Collective’, united through the ‘First Children Association’, consists of 48 women who offer their handicraft to sustain the activities of the union. Women knit multicolored and assorted toys to fulfill the dreams of both their children and others. ‘Child’s World, Woman’s Dream’ is a co-production journey of eight women and eight children who are members of the collective. Toys produced with the amigurumi technique turn into the protagonists of children’s short animated films. For the project, stop motion and story-scenario creation workshops are organized.

The narratives are created with the contribution of experienced workshop leader Elif Ergezen and filmed by children who are supported by Serhat Nazlier and Ferhat Ertaş. While the women animate the world that children dreamt of by knitting various characters and decorations, children, who are the sole participants of the story writing process, become the designers and first-hand witnesses of the production process of the toys. The project unites women and children in collaborative production and portrays the daily life and habits of children.