Colored Shadows

Al harah Arts 




01/06 – 30/11/2021

“Colored Shadows’’ is a shadow theater-based project that mainly targets the refugee children in Gaziantep. While aiming to raise awareness about children who currently are excluded from the educational system, the project focuses on enhancing the creativity and artistic thinking among children by enabling them to perform and tell meaningful stories, as well as creating room for their expression. Within the scope of the project, 16 performances and 16 workshops with the participation of 20 children were realized. A final show written by the children and performed by actors Walid Shilash and Nawar Bulbul also took place.

“Colored Shadows” was coordinated by ‘ Al Harah Arts ‘ in collaboration with Nawar Bulbul, Amal Omran, Gate of Sun, Kirkayak Youth Center in Gaziantep.