Kamishibai for the Planet

Al harah Arts 




01/06 – 15/12/2021

“Kamishibai for the planet’’ brings together a variety of artistic elements from different cultures, highlighting the universality of the issue at its core,  climate change. By emphasizing that environmental problems mostly affect children, the project aims to raise awareness regarding the climate crisis among the children, while encouraging them to be more caring for the planet and to take small actions to keep it habitable.

The project uses the Japanese paper theatre technique, Kamishibai, as a creative tool by combining both visual and oral storytelling methodologies. In an interactive environment that allows children to unleash their imagination and creativity, the project aims to tell inspiring international stories about saving the planet. ‘’Kamishibai for the planet’’ ends with an exhibition where the drawings of children can be seen.

The project is coordinated by “Al Harah Arts”, in cooperation with Mohammed Haj Hussein, Sulafa Hijazi, GEGED, Kids Rainbow.