Creative Expression, Creative Movement

Tango MED




01/06 – 30/11/2020

With the project ‘Creative Expression with Creative Movement’, disadvantaged groups discover new ways of increasing individual and social awareness through dance and movement. The creative movement and dance therapy method expands the physical repertoire of individuals. By offering alternative methodologies that deepen physical awareness, the project also helps individuals to diversify their social relationships. Ten professional dance instructors, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychological counselors, and non-governmental organization workers with previous experience working with disadvantaged groups such as refugees, individuals exposed to violence, and LGBTI+ individuals, are involved in the project.

The project includes instructor training for these ten professionals. The conductors of the workshop, creative movement and dance therapists Marcia Plevin and Giansante, also give expert talks in Diyarbakır. The improvised movements, utilized in dance therapy, activate the capacity of the body to calm and rejuvenate itself via verbal and other non-verbal channels of expression which enable the individual to re-establish the connection between body and mind. The three-year training program has started in 2018. After this final phase, the participants are certified as a professional creative movement and dance instructors.