DJing as a Musical Experience


Music, Performance

Talk, Training

Batman, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Van

15/05 – 15/11/2022

‘DJing as a Musical Experience’ organises workshops for those interested in learning about music mixing in an intercultural dialogue platform. In order to cater to the demand from the region, the project invites adults, children, and women to DJing workshops by Ipek Ipekçioğlu from Germany. Through an open call, chosen participants learn the fine points of DJing regarding equipment, beat-mixing, scratching, digital DJ & CDJ mixing, DJing via CDJ, device types, headphone usage, playlist setting, electronic music mixing, and master key.

In addition to an extensive physical four-day workshop organised in Diyarbakır, children and adults are also invited to participate in three-hour-long express workshops. The project welcomes participants from Batman, Mardin, and Van to attend performance nights where they can demonstrate the skills acquired in the workshops. By sharing Amidart’s sound records from previous projects and gramophile Zeynep Yaş’s women dengbej vinyls, İpekçioğlu suggests new musical mixes and interpretations. In a series of talks, Murat Meriç and Murat Beşer meet both with the workshop participants and musical theory enthusiasts in Diyarbakır, Cenk Erdoğan delivers masterclasses in Diyarbakır, Mardin, and Van.