Diyarbakır Workshop with Başka Sinema

Başka Sinema

Visual Arts




The ‘Diyarbakır Workshop with Başka Sinema‘ is a timely and galvanizing opportunity for directors, producers, sound editors, and anyone interested in filmmaking to dig deeper into the fascinating processes behind some of the most important aspects of filmmaking. Taking place at the Mimarlar Odası (Chamber of Architects) in Diyarbakır on May 27, the workshop focuses on three main topics: editing, music editing, and composition. Hosting the first of the three workshops are Selda Taşkın and Ahmet Can Çakırca, known for their editing work on 2017’s excellent ‘Kaygı’ (‘Inflame’) and ‘Körfez’ (‘The Gulf’). The music editing session is hosted by Fatih Rağbet, the sound designer and supervising sound editor for both films. Finally, the composer for the films, Ekin Fil, leads an interactive discussion on how to develop a film’s voice through a unique score. Each session covers fascinating ground, analyzing themes like how to create narrative tension through editing, how to work as a true collaborator on a film and not merely as a sound technician, as well as scene analyses through the lens of musical composition. Creating a bridge between the Istanbul filmmaking community and that of the Diyarbakır region, these talks constitute a vibrant meeting of a community of people behind the thriving film scene of both cities.