Land Art and Diorama

Gülsün Demir – Ramazan Alataş

Performance, Visual Arts

Exhibition, Training


01/06 – 30/11/2020

Gülsün Demir and Ramazan Alataş, who met up for experimental work in Diyarbakır, re-examine the relationship between humanity and nature with ‘Land Art and Diorama’, combining multiple artistic practices. Destructive human intervention is criticized with the language of land art, which can be defined as an artistic intervention in nature. The duo, adopting an understanding beyond quantitative data about the domination of nature and the issues of climate change, focuses on the culturally pressured Hevsel Gardens and the Delta of Gediz and Göksu.

Proceeding with a long research and performance process, Gülsün Demir and Ramazan Alataş act towards deepening the subtext of the part of the work that takes place on the land. The duo comes together with eight participants with similar interests at the ‘Diorama Workshop’ to re-examine the process. The project, which examines the collected and left-over materials during the fieldwork to redefine the changes and transformations on the land with alternative design approaches, is concluded with an online exhibition.