Every Child Is an Artist

Street Art



13/05 – 29/09/2019

The future is bright at Barak Secondary School! Introduced to the world of mural painting, the students explore their artistic sides and involve their community as they transform grey walls into brightly-colored whimsical scenes inspired by nature. They come together with Gaziantep High School of Fine Arts students to achieve the lively murals under the guidance of illustrator Gamze Yalçin, artist Rianne Koens’ supervision and English teacher Selami Şavklıyıldız’s coordination and support.

In addition to presenting younger generations with two female artists as a role models, ‘Every Child Is an Artist’ strives to strengthen the students’ artistic appreciation, encourage their artistic abilities and spark a new vision and purpose in everyone who participates. The students learn drawing and painting techniques as well as intangible skills like hard work and dedication as they change the space, inside and out, through permanent works of art. As well as beautifying and uplifting the area, the project invites the students, parents, teachers and community to discover how art can facilitate community engagement. The reveal of the indoor and outdoor murals on the first day of school aims to inspire hope and confidence in everyone involved and show that they too can be creators and bring new energy and inspiration for cultural art education.